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Colorado Rafting Trips: Adventure At Its Best

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Some Of The Most Popular Colorado Rafting Trips

colorado rafting trips

Colorado is famous for its numerous outdoor activities. Whitewater rafting is a popular adventure among the tourists as well as the locals during the warmer parts of each year. The Arkansas river that runs through a larger part of the State of Colorado has many rafting trips to offer the whitewater rafting enthusiast. Browns Canyon, The Numbers, Bighorn Sheep Canyon and The Royal Gorge Canyon are some of the most popular whitewater rafting trips in Colorado. They provide different levels of intensity and are able to attract all kind of adventure lovers. This article provides some interesting facts about some of the most popular Colorado rafting trips.

The Royal Gorge Canyon rafting is classified as an intermediate to advanced rafting trip. The trip has a large volume of white water and a lot of rapids. This trip is less difficult when compared to The Numbers. The bridge that passes over the passengers head is the salient feature of this trip. The Royal Gorge Bridge stands over 1000 feet and is categorized as the largest suspension bridge in the world. The Royal George Canyon rafting trip is one of the most popular adventure trips in Colorado.

The Numbers takes your rafting adventure to the next level. In fact, it is ideal for advanced whitewater rafters. The trip is more difficult than the Royal George Canyon rafting trip. It provides some of the wildest rapids in the Arkansas River. There are narrow passageways, steep drop offs where you need strong paddling skills to pull this kind of rafting trip off. The Numbers is one of the less tamed parts of the Arkansas River. Hence, if you are looking for a calm trip, it is best you do not participate in The Numbers whitewater rafting trip. Anyone opting for The Numbers whitewater rafting trip should be sure to choose a highly professional and experienced rafting company for this purpose.

Whitewater rafting trips at Bighorn Sheep Canyon and Brown’s Canyon are great for the whole family. Even your kids can safely enjoy these rafting trips. These trips provide some of the most breathtaking views of the Arkansas River. They offer stimulating whitewater rapids that the whole family can enjoy along the way. These trips are great for beginners as well as intermediate rafters. The Bighorn Sheep Canyon was named after the wildlife along the mountainside while on the whitewater rafting trip. These trips provide an exalted level of excitement and enchanting beauty along the way. Brown’s Canyon is more calmer than the Bighorn Sheep Canyon rafting trip for that matter.

Colorado rafting trips are best experienced with a professional rafting guide leading you like Advantage Grand Canyon

There are many rafting companies in Arizona and Colorado. You need to choose a reputed and well experienced company in the area when arranging a whitewater rafting in the Colorado River. This will definitely help you enjoy the rafting trip even better.

The aforementioned is a comprehensive overview of Colorado rafting trips – adventure at its best.