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Why Is Deer Antler Velvet So Popular?

By on Mar 16, 2015 in Fitness, Sports |


Deer Antler VelvetĀ  Attracts A Lot Of Attention

There is a lot of talk about deer antler velvet. In the sports industry, this has a reputation as a performance enhancer. Athletes believe that when they injure their tendon or cartilage, this helps them heal quicker. Not only that, but they think that it can improve their stamina and make them stronger.

Professional sports do not allow the use of any substance that artificially boosts performance, including this supplement. The FDA has not approved this substance.

Deer Antler Velvet still is loved by many and people swear by its benefits. The source of this substance comes from the antlers of male deer when the antlers are still covered in fuzz. In other countries, deer farming is big business. Deer are bred just for the removal of this velvet from the antlers.Deer antler velvet The removal is done by a veterinarian who anesthetizes the deer in order to reduce the stress on the animal.

What makes it a potent performance enhancer? This is basically a growth hormone, IGF-1. In the human body, growth hormones are produced naturally by the liver and the brain. It is essential in the development of the human body. Anyone who does not produce enough growth hormones will suffer from developmental deficiencies.

Growth hormones are a standard medical treatment for children whose growth is stunted. It promotes the growth of building blocks of protein that are essential for cell growth. Because it is effective in promoting growth, sports competitors often use it off label as an unregulated supplement, in the hope that it will help them build bigger muscles, run faster, be stronger. They think that as more cells are produced, these cells will go toward healing any injuries that they sustain.

The risk is that athletes sometimes take too much of it, causing an imbalance in the body. An overdose can cause problems in the body’s natural metabolism of sugars and fats. It can cause tendons to tighten and break. Too much growth hormones can result in abnormal growth.

People have used it for other purposes as well. Some used it as a treatment for fertility. Some have used it to improve eyesight and hearing. Other purposes include improving blood circulation, treating osteoporosis and arthritis, and basically, as an anti-aging supplement.

Because this affects hormonal levels, it is recommended that people who have medical issues that are sensitive to hormonal changes, like cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids, should avoid taking this supplement. Women who are pregnant or are nursing also should not take it.

There have been mixed reports on its effectiveness. It is important to point out that before taking any kind supplementation that affects one’s natural development, a medical professional should be consulted. Taking an inappropriate dosage may result in undesirable effects. One must also be careful about where this supplement is purchased from. It is best to stick with reputable dealers in health supplements instead of buying from a relatively unknown company.

Deer antler velvet continues to attract a lot of attention. As long as professional athletes continue to say that this supplement works, it will attract a following.